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As a firm, we pride ourselves on the standard of service and legal advice we give to all our clients. The firm's policy on the service we aim to give to our clients can be summed up as -
"To ensure that all clients receive a service which meets or exceed their expectations".


We will :

  • Agree with you in advance the level of service you require
  • Represent your interests
  • Keep your business confidential
  • Discuss with you what you hope to achieve and advise you of a realistic and achievable outcome
  • Give you clear legal advice that you can understand
  • Ensure you understand the likely degree of financial risk involved in pursuing your instructions
  • Advise you if it appears you are eligible for Legal Aid and how this will affect you
  • Advise you of our estimate of costs in writing. If a fixed fee is more appropriate we will agree with you, in writing, the basis of our charges and the likely total cost. If this is not possible, we will explain the basis of our charges and give you a general forecast with a possible range of costs OR explain why a forecast is not possible but indicate a costs estimate with and any increases
  • As matters progress we will regularly confirm, in writing, the cost that has been incurred (including money paid to others on your behalf and VAT)
  • Keep you informed of progress and, where no action is required by us for a period of time, explain to you when you are likely to next hear from us
  • Endeavour to deal with your questions within a reasonable timescale
  • Endeavour to reply to your letters within seven working days (involved or detailed responses may be preceded by an acknowledgment saying when a full reply will follow
  • Value your comments about our service. If you feel at any time that you are not receiving the service you hoped for, please tell us immediately. We want your suggestions that may help us to improve the service we give to all our clients.


To enable us to do our very best for you, teamwork is necessary. This involves us working together at all times, but most importantly, we have to rely on you telling us things we need to know or providing us with documents when we ask for them.

Therefore please :

  • Bring all relevant papers with you to your first appointment or, if in doubt, bring what you think may help us
  • Please ensure you provide evidence of identity. We need a minimum of 1 document with photographic evidence and 1 document with evidence of your address (eg passport /utility bill)
  • Tell us if you have any special needs or requirements relating to the service you wish to receive
  • Tell us how you want to communicate with you, eg post/email/telephone
  • Let us know at the start of our relationship what you expect of us so that we can agree with you what is possible to achieve
  • If your expectations change at any time, please tell us immediately
  • Tell us if you have personal time limits or targets which would not be obvious to us
  • Satisfy yourself that you always understand what we have discussed. If you are unsure, please tell us.
  • Contact us quickly if we ask you for instructions, documents or information
  • Tell us if you change address or telephone number or if your circumstances are affected in a way that may impact on the way we deal with your matter
  • Continue to provide us with up-to-date evidence of your income/financial circumstances
  • If you wish us to speak to someone on your behalf, or discuss your case with another person, eg a family member,please tell us in advance as we will need your authority to do so.
If you wish to discuss any of these terms, please contact us.