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The Coronavirus is impacting people from all different walks of life. However, during this time of uncertainty one message is clear, justice cannot grind to a halt. However, HMCTS have accepted that several changes will be needed in order to keep the courts and tribunals working.
Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland has recently stated;
"We will continue to deliver justice to victims of crime, and as best as possible, keep our courts open. However, as I have agreed with the Lord Chief Justice, we need to adjust working practices to ensure our court system continues to function, even with a reduced capacity to hear some cases at this time. We must also take appropriate steps to comply with public health guidance and to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to court staff and users."
Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents’ homes
A Bill to change the law relating to divorce, civil partnerships and separation is being considered. It should remove the need to have to establish blame at the divorce stage.
From 6/4/19, Welsh rates of income tax will be devolved to Wales. This means that some of the money raised by income tax in Wales will stay in Wales to fund Welsh public services such as NHS and schools. It also means that the Welsh Government will set its own rates of income tax so people living in Wales could pay a different rate to those living in other parts of the UK.
We are delighted to announce that we have just been notified that we raised a fantastic £1671 for Will Aid in 2018.
A new civil stalking protection order comes into force partly on 15/3/19 to protect individuals from risks associated with stalking. It will be available on application by the police to a Magistrates Court and will have a criminal penalty for breach.
Keith Williams who has been a partner of the firm and a long-standing member of the team at our Ystrad Mynach office has retired. Keith dealt with Conveyancing, Wills and Probate and had many clients who returned to him time after time. He will be missed. However, we are very pleased to announce that we have a new member of Staff to work in our Ystrad Mynach office, Natalie Welsh. Please see her profile on the "Our Team" section of the website.
It was announced on St Davids Day that the UK Supreme Court will sit in Wales for the first time this summer from 22nd - 25th July 2019.
From 6th April 2019, if you live in Wales and pay Income Tax, some of this will be paid to the Welsh Government. This is a change from the current system, where all Income Tax from Wales is paid to the UK Government to fund spending across the UK. The Welsh rates of Income Tax will be set by the Welsh Government.
A heterosexual couple are fighting for the right to enter a Civil Partnership on the basis that it is not fair that only same sex couples are able to enter a Civil Partnership. The Court of Appeal agreed that the Civil Partnership Act 2004 is incompatible with European Convention of Human Rights Article 14 discrimination and Article 8 respect for private and family life. This judgment will put the Government under pressure to change the law.