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Police are to be given more training to protect victims of domestic abuse from controlling and coercive behaviour as this is going undetected due to lack of police understanding. Under a new pilot scheme officers will be trained to look for patterns of behaviour that could lead to long term psychological injury. Officers tend to focus too much on physical violence and fail to spot the signs. After a Freedom of Information request, it revealed that the new law was used just 62 times in the first 6 months.
The Court has approved the terms of a financial settlement between divorced parties 19 years after Decree Absolute.
The Family Court described the serious consequences that had arisen from covertly recording a child in the course of a dispute as to where the child should live saying it was almost always likely to be wrong and anyone considering this should consider the consequences.
In the case of PM Project Services Ltd v Dairy Crest Ltd a High Court Judge has adjourned key parts of the application and penalised Solicitors for their preparation of Court bundles with a costs order.
The domestic abuse gateway to private law family legal aid now permits evidence of abuse within the last 5 years and includes a provision for the assessment of evidence concerning financial abuse - since 25/4/16
In the case of Randall v Randall, the Court of Appeal granted a divorced husband permission to challenge the validity of his former mother-in-law's Will which left him nothing from her estate. It centres on whether he had "sufficient interest" in the Will to allow him to bring a claim alleging that the Will had been forged to try to defeat his claim in divorce proceedings.
A Farmer's daughter has recently been awarded £1.3m from her parents after a successful claim that her parents had promised her that if she worked on the farm, it would be hers one day. Miss Davies relied on the principle of "proprietary estoppel" where promises are made and others rely on the promise to their detriment. If you have any concerns about such a promise or need advice on Wills or inheritance, please contact us.
As, the Cohabitation Rights Bill makes its way through Parliament aiming to provide some protection for cohabitees, the recent case of a bereaved woman, Joy Williams, who fought for a share in a property, has highlighted once more the importance of having up-to-date Wills.