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A Farmer's daughter has recently been awarded £1.3m from her parents after a successful claim that her parents had promised her that if she worked on the farm, it would be hers one day. Miss Davies relied on the principle of "proprietary estoppel" where promises are made and others rely on the promise to their detriment. If you have any concerns about such a promise or need advice on Wills or inheritance, please contact us.
As, the Cohabitation Rights Bill makes its way through Parliament aiming to provide some protection for cohabitees, the recent case of a bereaved woman, Joy Williams, who fought for a share in a property, has highlighted once more the importance of having up-to-date Wills.
An increase in the Petition issue fee is expected to come into effect shortly, with increases also in various court fees for civil proceedings. The current fee is £410. The proposed new fee will be £550. Clients may be eligible for a reduction to this fee and we can advise on this.
Government regulations for obtaining Legal Aid in cases of domestic abuse have been declared legally flawed by the Court of Appeal. This relates to the time limit of evidence being within 24 months. The Ministry of Justice will now consider the findings to ensure victims of domestic violence can get Legal Aid where needed.
Miss Steinfeld and Mr Keidan intend to appeal against Judge's dismissal of case claiming law discriminates against heterosexual couples who want to enter into a civil partnership rather than a marriage. They maintain that the government's position on civil partnerships is "incompatible with equality law".
Caswell Jones have recently been accepted as a panel firm for the Help to Buy: ISA Scheme and if you or any member of your family are intending to save money towards a future house purchase in this scheme and you require any future information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact either of our offices.
A new law has been introduced under Serious Crime Act 2015 for further protection for victims of domestic abuse. The new law makes it a criminal offence to repeatedly or continuously engage in behaviour that is controlling or coercive towards another person with whom they are in an intimate or family relationship. Please contact us if you need any further advice in relation to protection from domestic violence or abuse.
The new Lasting Power of Attorney forms issued by the Office of the Public Guardian will come into force on 1st January 2016. The re-design will make the forms easier to follow and faster to complete. If you need any further information please contact us.